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Schmidt Will Not Give Up Fight

By Manny Paiva

Raw milk producer says he will continue his crusade in support of unpasteurized milk.

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Durham area raw milk producer Michael Schmidt may have lost the latest court battle, but he isn't ready to give up.

The Supreme court of Canada says it will not hear an appeal of his conviction for selling unpasteurized milk.

It is a blow to his 20 year struggle to have the right to sell his milk, but Schmidt says he still won't pay the fine given to him by a lower court.

In 2011, an Ontario court fined him $9,150 for convictions on 13 charges under provincial health laws.

The Ontario Court of Appeal upheld that conviction, calling his so-called "cow share" program little more than a way to circumvent public health rules.

Schmidt says that decision is based on an old program, and his customers now own shares in the farm rather than the cow.

He is optimistic that the Ontario government might actually change the rules against raw milk, saying there are back room discussions taking place that could result in new legislation.


The Harper government won't confirm or deny the details in a leaked document on the Canada-European Union free trade deal.

A leaked copy of the full text of the agreement was posted online this week by a German T-V show.

The German media are giving wide publicity to the documents.

They suggest Canada caved in on the issue of patent protection for drugs and has agreed to limit the number of privately run wine stores in Ontario and B-C.


Ontario apple growers are always watching what happens south of the border -- and there's word the Washington apple industry is expecting a record harvest this year.

The forecast is based on estimates from growers, packers and marketers.

The increased crop size is due to more new, high-density plantings coming into production.


DuPont Pioneer Corn says a new plant in Alberta will help provide corn growers with more choice.

Steve King says the multi-million dollar research facility in Lethbridge will focus on developing ultra-early maturity corn products for growers across Western Canada.

The facility is expected to open in November.

Company officials say it could be expanded to serve crops other than corn.


Dalhousie University's agriculture campus has received eight million dollars from our federal government to help research into organic farming.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz visited the campus in Nova Scotia on Tuesday to make the announcement.

The funding comes from the federal department's "Growing Forward'' program, which supports scientific research into the growing of organic food.


And a livestock research centre in Alberta has been renamed after a scientist who worked there for nearly 30 years.

The Kinsella research ranch has been renamed Roy Berg research ranch.

Berg did research at the ranch on cattle breeding and livestock genetics between 1960 and 1988.



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