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Huron Farmer Wins Dairy Show

By Manny Paiva

Kurtis Frischknecht of Huron County was named Grand Champion Showman at Western Ontario Junior Dairy Show for 4-H members under age of 14.

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A Huron County resident has won the Western Ontario Junior Dairy Show for 4-H members under the age of 14.

Kurtis Frischknecht of Huron County was named the Grand Champion Showman.

The competition was held at the Outdoor Farm Show site in Woodstock.


Federal Industry Minister James Moore says Moscow's decision to close its borders to western agricultural imports will hurt Russia most.

Moore was responding to Russia's announcement that it will halt food shipments from Canada, the United States and many other western countries for the next year.

The blockade is in retaliation for sanctions aimed at getting Russia to stop supporting rebels in Ukraine.

The Saskatchewan Manufacturing Council wants the federal government to consider special support for Canadian exporters affected by the sanctions.

Executive Director Derek Lothian says Russia is a key customer and the council would like the federal governments to create an emergency fund to offer short-term relief for agricultural processors, producers and related manufacturers.

Lothian warns the sanctions on food products will have a ripple effect on related industries and could result in a loss of Canadian jobs.


Saskatchewan has offered a compromise in response to a child-welfare complaint against the parents of two young girls who work on their family's chicken farm.

Labour Minister Don Morgan says 10-year-old Kate Covlin and her eight-year-old sister Emma can continue to work at the farm's poultry processing plant.

He says they will treat the processing plant as an extension of the family farm.

The family had also been employing local teenagers under 16 in the slaughterhouse, but the province says that cannot continue.


And a horse has died following a race at the Northlands track in Edmonton.

A track spokesperson says the animal suffered a heart attack after a regularly scheduled race Saturday.

An eyewitness says the horse finished the race and was walking towards the staging area when it started to lose its balance, fell over and hit its head on the concrete.




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