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Agriculture Report

Protecting Farm Animals

By Manny Paiva

Maple Leaf Foods and Quebec government take steps to address animal welfare and safety.

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There is a sale of fresh milking cows on Wednesday.

The Bruce and Grey Holstein Clubs are combining forces to hold a consignment sale.

It will begin at 12 Noon tomorrow at the Carson Sales Arena in Listowel.


There is a new hire at Maple Leaf Foods that will focus on the care of animals.

Doctor Stephanie Cottee has been named animal wellness leader.

She will be responsible for bringing in a comprehensive animal wellness program in both the company's pork and poultry operations and with its suppliers and other stakeholders.

The program will include all areas that affect the health and welfare of animals -- including nutrition, medication, housing, transportation and processing.

Cottee previously worked for Ontario Pork, where she managed the Canadian Quality Assurance and Animal Care Assessment program.

She was also instrumental in implementing a nationwide swine traceability program.


Quebec's new agriculture minister is promising to clean up the province's bad reputation as one of the best places to be an animal abuser.

Pierre Paradis says new legislation is in the works that will redefine the status of an animal in the province's Civil Code and improve its protection.

Once the Civil Code is amended, cats, dogs and other animals will no longer be considered as "personal property'' but as living creatures.

The change in status means the courts will consider pain and suffering when imposing penalties or fines on abusers.


And Canadian farmers are helping farmers in South Sudan.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank says more aid is needed to prevent a famine in South Sudan.



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