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Sanctions Will Hurt Pork Producers

By Manny Paiva

Canadian pork producers will be the hardest hit by new sanctions imposed by Russia.

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Many pork producers across Canada are nervous about new sanctions imposed by Russia.

That country has banned food imports from Canada, the U-S and other countries for one year.

The ban covers meat, milk and milk products and fruit and vegetables from Canada and other countries.

In Canada, pork producers are expected to take the biggest hit.

Canada's farm exports to Russia amounted to 563 million dollars in 2012 -- mostly from frozen pork.

The move comes after Canada slapped new sanctions and travel bans on several top Russian politicians over the crisis in Ukraine.


The Manitoba Pork Council hopes producers can find other markets now that Russia has imposed a ban on Canadian food imports.

Chair Karl Kynoch says different countries buy different parts of the animals, but prices could fall if a backlog develops.


A final text has been reached for the Canada-European Union trade deal.

Both sides had been working on the actual wording since the agreement-in-principle was reached last October.

Translation and a final legal review of the trade deal will now begin.

The federal government says it will host a Canada-E-U meeting in September.

Prime Minister Harper is to lead a trade mission to the U-K in a few weeks.  


The Canadian Grain Commission is reminding grain industry and producers about grain grading changes.

The changes -- which came into effect on August 1st -- include updated tolerances for ergot and sclerotinia for most classes of wheat.


It's a blow to potato farmers and employees of McCain Foods in P-E-I.

McCain is closing its French fry plant, idling 121 people.

The company blames a shift in the market for French fries and the stronger Canadian dollar for its decision to move offshore.

McCain says production has dropped by two-thirds over the last decade.

It's offering early retirement and severance packages.


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