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Farm Income Continues to Rise

By Manny Paiva

Stats Canada says average net operating income in 2012 was up $16,000 from 2008.

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Stats Canada has released its latest detailed farm income figures covering 2008 to 2012.

The agency says the average net operating income on Canadian farms in 2012 was just over 47 thousand dollars -- that's up about 16 thousand from 2008.

StatsCan says the average total farm income for a Canadian crop farm was just over 102 thousand dollars in 2012 -- an increase of about 22 thousand from 2008.

Animal production pulled in an average of about 74-thousand, 600 dollars nationally in 2012 -- that is up 14-thousand dollars from 2008.


A spokeswoman for Trade Minister Ed Fast says negotiations continue with the European Union to try and finalize a trade deal.

The comment follows a German Newspaper report that claims Germany is poised to reject a proposed trade deal over legal protections granted to foreign investors.

Critics say such provisions give companies too much power by allowing them to sue governments for unfair treatment.

Canada and the E-U reached an agreement in principle on the deal last October after four years of negotiations.


Some Manitoba farmers are pointing fingers of blame at Saskatchewan over this past month's flooding.

A family in Tilston, Manitoba, says man-made trenches in Saskatchewan are to blame for the flood that nearly washed away their farm four weeks ago.

One Saskatchewan farmer admits he builds trenches to protect his crops, but says his ditches are legal and what the water does after it leaves his province is out of anyone's control.


Prime Minister Harper's wife was stung by a bee while getting a closer look at a hive on top of the Royal York hotel in Toronto.

Laureen Harper was getting a tour of the hives from the hotel's chef on Sunday when they apparently got too close.

The Prime Minister's Office says she is very comfortable around bees as her father raised bees on the family farm.

The beehive is part of the hotel's effort to provide in-house honey for its restaurant and to help the environment by providing bees to pollinate area gardens and parks.



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