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Bad Winter for Honey Bees

By Manny Paiva

Report says nearly 6 in 10 of Ontario's bees didn't survive the winter. Bee group calls for action.

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The Ontario Beekeepers' Association is calling on the government to get busy and protect the province's bees.

The call comes after a report says nearly 6 in 10 of Ontario's bees didn't survive the winter -- that is 3 times higher than other provinces.

Ontario's bee group wants the Liberal government to fast track a plan to restrict the number of plant seeds treated with neonicotinoids.

Some scientists and environmentalists believe the pesticide is responsible for killing bees and other insects.

But some local bee producers say it's a combination of factors, including pesticides.


Provincial and Federal agriculture ministers focused on innovation at a recent meeting in Winnipeg.

They agreed on the need to increase agricultural productivity through new technologies, production and business practices.

Federal Ag Minister Gerry Ritz also wants to focus on research and development.

He feels governments can help to create a climate that encourages investment in farm research and development.

Ritz also got support in the battle against U-S country of origin labelling rules.


Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan has raised its outlook for the year.

But the company is reporting a lower second quarter profit.

Still the results were better than PotashCorp's guidance in April.

Sales for the global crop nutrient company were 1.89 billion dollars -- down from 2.14 billion a year ago.



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