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Agriculture Report

FCC Mid Year Assessment

By Manny Paiva

Trade continues to be dominant topic, farm equipment sales have not fallen as hard as expected.

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The Dairy Farmers of Canada will have a director from our region.

Ralph Dietrich of Mildmay has been appointed to the board.

He replaces Bill Emmott, who will not be running for re-election to the provincial marketing board.


The mid year assessment of economic drivers for agriculture has been released by Farm Credit Canada.

Analyst J-P Gervais says trade continues to remain a dominant topic.

Gervais also says weaker crop receipts are still expecting to slow the increase of farmland values -- and the economy in the U-S continues to improve.

The F-C-C previously forecast an across-the-board retreat in farm equipment sales.

But Gervais says despite significant declines in sales of combines and large tractors, overall farm equipment sales haven't fallen as severely as had been expected.

The F-C-C also expects cattle prices to remain high based on supply and demand -- and it predicts the price impact of PED in the hog market should ease up in the fall.


And a new report paints a promising picture for agriculture in Saskatchewan.

The report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development sees a downturn in grain prices in the short term but says they will improve.

Farm Credit Canada analyst James Bryan says the report sees ongoing strong world demand for Prairie cattle and hogs.

Bryan says the report sees Canadian canola exports rising 20 per cent over the next 10 years to feed a growing world population.



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