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soybean seed sales are improving, but corn sales sag.

By Rick Stow

DuPont says the harsh winter weather also hurt sales of herbicides used on corn.



DuPont is cutting its profit forecast because of weaker sales of corn seeds.
The company says corn seed sales are down in the second quarter, and seed inventory write-downs were larger than it expected.
The company says the harsh winter weather also hurt sales of herbicides used on corn.
It says soybean seed sales are improving, but those gains are not enough to offset the reduced sales of corn seeds.



Scientists say they have conclusive evidence that two widely used types of pesticides are killing bees and other insects and harming the environment.
They are calling on regulatory bodies to tighten regulations around their use.
Scientists say the combined study of 800 research papers provided conclusive evidence that the pesticides are causing the mass deaths of bees and butterflies, needed to pollinate most crops.
 The study also showed the chemicals pose a significant risk to earthworms and birds and are harming the planet's ecosystem.



A system that collects information about the movement of pigs across the country becomes mandatory tomorrow.
PigTrace will record source and destination, the license plate of the trailer or vehicle doing the transporting and the number of animals involved.
The system would be used in situations such as the P-E-D outbreak.

It could have helped officials trace pigs in five minutes instead of three days.

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