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Mitchell Operation In Receivership

By Shannon Bradbury

Great Lakes Specialty Meats operation in Mitchell is in receivership.

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The Canadian Cattlemen's Association says it is important the free trade deal with South Korea gets officially done by January 1st.

Vice President Dan Darling says otherwise, another year could be lost to the U-S, which signed a deal with South Korea a year before.

The deal was announced back in March and has now been tabled in parliament.

The deal would see South Korea will eliminate its tariffs on 98.4 per cent of its imports from Canada within 10 years.


PricewaterhouseCoopers has been appointed receiver for the Great Lakes Specialty Meats operation in Mitchell.

The operation is in receivership after an application was filed by Farm Credit Canada.

The Mitchell plant stopped accepting hogs the first of this month -- before that, it had been processing about five thousand animals a week.

A notice and statement of the receiver will be mailed to all known creditors of the company within the next 10 days.

Great Lakes Specialty Meats has the same owner as Quality Meats, which went into bankruptcy earlier this year.


Farm, food and beverage companies are spending millions of dollars to defeat legislation in New York to require labels on food containing genetically modified crops.

Supporters argue people should know if food contains G-M-O ingredients.

Opponents say G-M-Os are safe -- and labels will increase prices while unnecessarily frightening consumers.



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