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Reforming Animal Treatment

By Manny Paiva

Saputo no longer accepting milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales in B-C, due to animal abuse.

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A big move by Saputo.

The Montreal-based dairy food giant is no longer accepting milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales in B-C.

That farm is where a number of employees were captured on video recently beating cattle.

Saputo says it's leading the industry for reform in animal treatment.

Saputo wants immediate consequences for those involved in the Chilliwack abuse, and enforceable legal measures to prevent future animal abuse.


Two vets who've been working with the family that co-owns Chilliwack Cattle Sales for over 20 years say they can speak to the family's integrity and level of care for their animals.

Dairy Farmers of Canada President Wally Smith says any mistreatment of animals is completely unacceptable.

The chair of the BC Dairy Association, Dave Taylor, calls it a black mark in the eye of their industry.

Taylor adds they are in complete support of the S-P-C-A.


The eyes of many farmers are on Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz.

He is meeting with several producers and government officials in China in an effort to boost agriculture exports.

Many farm companies here in Canada want to be able to export livestock to the Asian nation.


A realtor in Saskatchewan is going to new heights to sell farmland.

Scott Comfort is using an aerial drone so prospective buyers can have a bird's eye view of farms that are on the market.

He says the machine flies nearly 100 metres off the ground.

In order to use the drone, Comfort first had to take a certification program through Transport Canada.  



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