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Disgust Over Mistreatment of Cattle

By Kevin Bernard

Canadian dairy industry expresses disgust over video of abuse at one of country's largest dairy farms.

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The Canadian dairy industry is expressing disgust over a video of abuse at one of the country's largest dairy farms.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada and B-C Diary Association are condemning the scenes showing employees beating and kicking cows at Chilliwack Cattle Sales.

Co-owner Jeff Kooyman says he was shocked and saddened to learn how their animals were being treated.

Eight people have been fired.

Chilliwack Cattle Sales -- which operates a farm with more than 35 hundred animals.

The British Columbia S-P-C-A has recommended criminal charges against all eight.


Stats Canada says Canadian farmers used twice the amount of nitrogen from commercial fertilizers in 2010 and 2011 as they did 30 years earlier.

But a recent report also shows phosphate and potash use remained about the same over that 30 year period.

The report ties the growth to a couple of factors -- more cropland and more land applied with commercial fertilizers.

Stats Can says the largest farms used commercial fertilizers with greater intensity than smaller farms.


The amount of feed and water required to produce a pound of beef has dropped significantly in the last 60 years.

The Beef Cattle Research Council says it takes about six pounds of feed per pound of animal -- and about 10 and a half pounds of feed per pound of beef.

That is considerably lower than the figures that get thrown around on the Internet.

Science Director Reynold Bergen adds the feed to gain ratio for Canadian beef has almost dropped in half since the 1950's.

And the efficiency with water is even greater -- Bergen says it's about eight gallons of water per pound of beef, compared to 44 gallons in the 1950s.


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