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Funding for Bighead Hops in Meaford

By Matthew Villeneuve

Meaford business gets fundings to help grow hops market for farmers.

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Bighead Hops in Meaford has received more money to expand its business.

Owner Nicholas Schaut has received another $12,500 from the Ontario Greenbelt Fund to help the Meaford company install a hops pelletizer.

Greenbelt Vice President Kathy MacPherson says the funding will help expand the market for farmers who grow hops.

Currently, Bighead Hops has the capacity to harvest, dry and package the hops -- but craft brewers prefer pelletized hops to brew a better beer.

MacPherson says with the purchase of new equipment, Bighead Hops in Meaford will be able to do offer that.

MacPherson says it means more craft beers will include more local ingredients, and hops farmers will have a greater marketplace for their crop.

The Greenbelt Fund already provided Bighead Hops in Meaford with a $30,000 grant for the project -- but the company applied for more funding when costs increased.

Bighead Hops has projected the new pelletized system will increase the sale of hops by $100,000 by 2016.

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Canada has signed a new deal with Ukraine that will help the Livestock Genetics Association.

The agreement allows the export of pure bred sheep and goats, while giving Ukrainian breeders greater access to Canada's top quality livestock genetics.

Our federal government says Canadian exports of agriculture and food products to Ukraine were valued at 75 million dollars last year.


Bayer Crop Science is making a donation to the University of Guelph's Better Planet Project.

The 750 thousand dollars will support the creation of the Centre for Beneficial Insect Health.

Its work will emphasize sustainable pest management in agriculture.


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