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Farm Equipment Costs More

By Manny Paiva

Stats Canada says crop and animal production equipment has gone up 5 per cent since last year.

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It's costing more for farmers to purchase farm equipment.

Stats Canada says crop and animal production equipment has gone up 5 per cent since this time last year.

And the agency puts part of the blame on the lower Canadian dollar.

The domestic index is down a tenth of a per cent, while the imported equipment index is up over 10 and a half per cent.


The agricultural adaptation program is being renewed for another five years.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has announced 50 million dollars is being added to the program to allow the sector to adapt and remain competitive.

The Flax Council of Canada says the program helped its industry with work that was instrumental in re-opening its export market in Europe.  

Pulse Canada also previously received funding from the program to develop processing techniques that produce pulse flours for a variety of food product applications.

Applications can be made for projects that are either national or sector-wide in scope.


Canola farmers are complaining to the Canadian Transportation Agency about dismal service from the country's two biggest railways.

The Canadian Canola Growers Association says C-N and C-P Railway have not fulfilled their obligation to move Western Canadian grains and oilseeds to market.

It says the Canadian Transportation Act requires railways to provide adequate and suitable accommodation for all traffic their customers want moved.

Farmers have been expressing growing frustration about their inability to move a record grain crop to market by rail.

The rail companies say they've done everything they can considering the volume of grain, combined with unusually harsh winter conditions. 


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