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More Ontario Farms with PED Virus

By Kevin Bernard

Five more hog operations have been added to the list of confirmed sites in Ontario.

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The list of Ontario farms with the PED virus is getting longer.

Five more hog operations have been added to the list of confirmed sites with the virus that has killed millions of baby pigs in the U-S.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food is reporting that finisher operations make up the biggest single group of confirmed sites with PED.

That number is 23.

In total, there are now 57 sites with confirmed cases of PED in Ontario.

Manitoba is also reporting more PED cases -- and the number of farms with the virus is confirmed at 8.

The highly contagious virus has also been found in Quebec and Prince Edward Island.


The federal government is giving more than 100 thousand dollars to the Egg Farmers of Canada.

The group will use the money to integrate its existing assurance systems into a single system that will be known as the National Quality Code for eggs.

The Egg Farmers of Canada says the program will provide producers and graders with an all-in-one certification program that addresses food safety, traceability and animal care.


Saskatchewan has won a trade challenge against Quebec over the sale of certain margarines, coffee whiteners and dessert toppings in the Quebec market.

A dispute resolution panel says Quebec's restrictions on the production, sale and marketing of vegetable-oil-based dairy products go against some rules.

The Quebec government is appealing the ruling -- something that could take up to seven months.


Grape growers in the Niagara are starting to take stock of the toll the harsh winter took on their vines.

Grape Growers of Ontario chair Bill George says nearly half of the vines in the region could be damaged.

But he says the industry won't have full knowledge of the impact until next month -- when vines reach full bud break.

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