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More Soybeans in Ontario

By Manny Paiva

Corn specialist expects more soybeans will be planted in Ontario this year.

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A corn specialist says Ontario farmers will likely follow the lead of U-S farmers and switch some fields from corn to soybeans this year.

Greg Stewart does not expect the amount of acreage to be dramatic.

He believes soybeans have the potential to be slightly more profitable this year becayse corn is a more input-intensive crop.

Stewart also points out there could be problems if the traditional rotation of corn, soy and wheat is adjusted.

He says soybeans are harder on the soil, and a dramatic swing towards soy beans in that rotation could result in a decline in soil health and structure over the long term.


The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association has released a new plan for Canada's renewable fuels industry and emerging bioeconomy.

President W. Scott Thurlow says there are some  environmental challenges.

But he also points out there are also some significant opportunities.

Thurlow adds the plan will help Canada capitalize on what he calls the sizeable economic and environmental benefits of its domestic biofuels industry.


A board member for Ontario Veal says a video that shows abuse of calves is sad and not reflective of how farmers care for their animals.

Brian Keunen was responded to the CTV's W-5 story on the Quebec veal industry, based largely on undercover video provided by the group Mercy for Animals.

Keunen says the Ontario industry started moving away from the individual stalls over 15 years ago.

He says while many calves in this province start out in pens, they move into more open group housing after the first six to eight weeks.




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