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2014 Could Be Record for Soybeans

By Manny Paiva

Canadian farmers expect to seed 5.3 million acres of soybeans -- an increase of 16.5 per cent from 2013.

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It could be another record year for soybeans planted in Canada.

As we told you last week -- a Statistics Canada survey of crop intentions shows soybeans is the crop of choice.

Canadian farmers expect to seed 5.3 million acres of soybeans -- that is an increase of 16 and a half per cent from 2013.

It would mark the sixth consecutive year of historic highs.

The biggest drop from last year is expected to be with barley -- where seeding is expected to decline 10.9 per cent to 6.3 million acres.


The United Church of Canada is wading into the controversy over the federal Agricultural Growth Act.

Spokesperson Gary Kenny says the church is especially concerned about the parts of the act dealing with seeds.

Kenny says farmers around the world have saved, selected, reused, exchanged and sold seeds for countless generations.

He says the church feels those practices must be protected.

The United Church's statement suggests the changes in the seeds legislation being proposed would increase farmers costs, and threaten Canada's food sovereignty.


If you've ever wanted to find the best price for fuel or fertilizer in your area -- there's now an app for that.

The F-N-A Strategic Agriculture Institute has launched a mobile application called AgPriceBook.

It gives farmers the opportunity to post prices they've been quoted, or actually paid, for specific input products.

Producers can also view larger areas to see how the prices they're paying compare to those in the rest of the country.

It's free, anonymous, and was developed with support from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.



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