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Junior Farmers Honoured

By Manny Paiva

Huron County and Bruce County Junior Farmers receive top awards.

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The Junior Farmers Association of Ontario is giving top honours to young farmers in Huron County.

The Huron Junior Farmers earned the top prize of 2013 Overall Club of the Year.

The group also took honours for Best New Member Recruitment Activity, and Best New Fundraising Activity.

Member Samantha Kalver was also recognized with the Overall Member award.

The Bruce County Junior Farmers meanwhile won the Agricultural Club of the Year Award.


You may have some trouble finding good peaches, apricots and nectarines this year.

That is because Ontario producers are reporting some heavy damage to the fruit crop from the cold, snowy winter.

Hector Delange at Delhaven Orchards in Cedar Springs says it's clear some trees fared better than others.

He adds it doesn't look like there are many live buds out there.


A strong quarter earnings report from Monsanto.

The agriculture products company says profit jumped 13 per cent to 1.67 billion dollars on strong core seeds and traits business.


And Agrium says it expects only a slim profit in the first quarter, just above the break even point.

The Calgary based fertilizer producer and retailer says several factors have worked against it -- including a slow start to the spring planting season.


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