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More Grants from Local Food Fund

By Manny Paiva

Ontario government to announce second round of funding for food producers.

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There's more money to be handed out through the Ministry of Agriculture Local Food Fund.

So far, 242 applications have been received through three sessions.

The first session lead to the approval of 7.8 million dollars in funding to help 34 projects.

And there is 2.7 million dollars approved in the second round to help 30 projects.

A spokesperson from the premiers office says there are still some more approvals coming and all of the successful applicants have been notified.


Hybrid Turkeys in Ontario says it will become the first turkey producer in North America to employ mandatory video monitoring and veterinary review of all turkey euthanasia.

The company is at the centre of a turkey abuse video.

The video was shot at a plant in Bright -- by a member of the animal rights group, Mercy for Animals Canada.

Footage also shows workers apparently crushing the spines of birds while others are left to die from festering and bloody wounds.

Hybrid says it will co-operate with any investigations -- and it has already initiated a third-party review of company policies and procedures.


The Sobeys purchase of Canada Safeway last fall means about 50 workers at a Lucerne cheese and ice cream plant will lose their jobs this summer.

Sobeys says the plant will shut down August 29th when the grocery giant consolidates operations with an existing facility in Edmonton.

The United Food and Commercial Workers says it does not include a separate milk production operation at the same location.

The planned closure is among several across the country.



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