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More Hogs, Fewer Cattle and Sheep

By Manny Paiva

Stats Canada reports 12.7 million hogs at start of year, 12.2 million cattle and 893,000 sheep.

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There is an increase in the number of hogs in Canada.

Stats Canada reports 12.7 million hogs in this country at the start of the year -- that is up 1.1 per cent over last year, although there are fewer hog farms.

Five million hogs were exported from Canada last year -- that is down 12.4 per cent from last year.

As for cattle, Canadian farmers report 12.2 million head at the start of this year -- that is down 0.7 per cent from a year ago.

And the number of sheep across the country fell one per cent to 893 thousand head.


Jim Gowland of Teeswater has been elected as director for Huron and Bruce Counties on the Ontario Bean Growers Association.

Gowland is the former Chair of the Canadian Soybean Council.

He and his wife crop two thousand acres.


The C-E-O of Canadian Pacific is laying much of the blame for the rail grain transportation backlog on frigid winter weather.

Hunter Harrison calls this winter the harshest in 60 years.

Harrison has taken out full page ads in some newspapers across Western Canada to make his point.


And the Alberta government says only 15 wild horses were captured in the province's roundup this year.

Animal rights activists are upset -- they say the horses are destined for slaughter.

But the government says the capture is necessary to keep a ballooning population in check.


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