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No Link Between PED and Plasma

By Manny Paiva

CFIA says nothing found to link blood plasma in feed pellets to PED virus.

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it will continue to analyze feed and feed ingredients to determine the cause of the PED virus.

The CFIA looked at the possibility that the virus may be found in blood plasma used in some hog feed pellets.

But the agency says it could not demonstrate that the feed pellets containing the blood plasma were capable of causing disease.

The porcine epidemic diarrhea virus is confirmed in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and P-E-I.

It has also killed millions of baby pigs in the U-S.


Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart is pressing banks to give a break to grain farmers, some of whom are short of cash.

Those farmers can't get their grain to market because the rail transportation system can't handle the demand.

Stewart says he'd like banks to go easy on farmers because they're a "pretty good risk.''

There are warnings that some grain farmers won't have enough money to plant a crop this year.


World grain markets are being affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Wheat futures and corn futures in Chicago have rallied on concerns about interruptions of exports coming from the Black Sea region.

Traders say if the situation escalates into a war -- it would affect exports from Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Ships full of grain are still leaving Ukraine.

Traders say if the situation remains volatile, Ukrainian farmers may will switch corn acres to crops that cost less to grow, such as wheat.



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