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Farmers Recycle Waste Safely

By Manny Paiva

Ontario farmers returned more than 114,000 kilos of obsolete pesticides last year.

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Ontario farmers returned more than 114 thousand kilograms of obsolete pesticides last year.

The collection program was a joint effort between CleanFARMS and the Canadian Animal Health Institute.

Another 44 hundred kilograms of animal health medications were returned last year for safe disposal.

Ontario farmers were invited to drop off their obsolete or unwanted pesticides and medications to 31 collection sites across Ontario in October.


Our federal government is spending 4 million dollars to help the Canadian Poultry Research Council make the processing industry more competitive.

The money will also be used for research on how to deal with consumer concerns about poultry welfare and the environment.


We already know a lot of food goes to waste each year -- but the actual amount is staggering.

Researchers for the U-S Department of Agriculture measured everything from industrial waste to leftover milk in cereal bowls.

And they counted 60-billion kilograms of wasted fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish.

Scientists say food losses and costs could be reduced -- through awareness campaigns, changes in government policy, and industry-led initiatives.


Fertilizer giant Agrium says it is going ahead with a massive expansion of its nitrogen plant in Texas.

Agrium says it will add a new production unit of about 610 thousand tonnes.

Construction is set to begin next month and is expected to wrap up in the second half of 2015.

In addition to nitrogen, Agrium also produces and sells potash and phosphates.


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