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Country 105

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Older Farmers in Canada, Less Farms

By Manny Paiva

Stats Canada reports the age of the Canadian farmer is getting older, with fewer farms around.

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No surprise -- the number of Canadian farms has declined over the last 20 years.

Stats Canada reports there were 74 thousand fewer farms in the country between 1991 and 2011.

Also in 2011 -- figures show more than half of all farms had operators over the age of 55.

In 1991, it was less than 38 per cent.

And StatsCan says there's no sign of either trend reversing.


The Ontario Forage Council has honoured Brenda Robertson and Neil Showers of Chatsworth.

They have been recognized for their pasture system -- where they move 70 to 80 cattle to a new field every day.

Doctor Peter Kotzeff of Paisley has also received the Royal Bank Environmental Stewardship Award.

He has been honoured for his pasture rotation system and new fencing to protect the Saugeen River and woodlots.

Between 500 and a thousand cattle are pastured on the 18 hundred acre farms.


And the Canadian Horticultural Council is getting 7 million dollars from our federal government.

The money will be spent on research to help reduce crop input costs and improve marketable yield and margins for apple and potato growers.

The funding will also help promote Canada's apple varieties at international trade shows and increase exports to new markets.



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