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New Protocol to Battle PED

By Manny Paiva

Ontario Swine Health Advisory Board is working on new rules to fight deadly virus.

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There could soon be a new protocol for hog industry suppliers to battle against the PED virus.

The Ontario Swine Health Advisory Board is working on new rules.

Doctor Marty Misener feels farmers need to take strong biosecurity measures around dead stock removal.

He's encouraging hog farmers to move their dead stock pickup pits away from any of their barns.

He also feels there should be a separate route for the pickup vehicles and for moving dead stock from the barns to the pick-up area.


The National Farmers Union says private industry is not doing a good job co-ordinating grain shipments by rail.

Union member Glenn Tait says the Canadian Wheat Board used to able to co-ordinate grain shipments by rail according to customer demand, elevator and terminal capacity, and shipping requirements.

But now, with private industry in control, Tait says there's been a backlog of 30 or more vessels waiting at anchor since before Christmas.

He claims rail cars are being used as storage -- not for transportation -- and farmers are paying the cost.


Environmentalists are declaring victory after the federal government announced it would launch a health review of 23 pesticides, including a popular weed killer.

The decision comes after the groups filed lawsuits claiming the law obliges the government to review any product that has been banned in major countries.

The pesticides, which are banned in Europe, are found in 360 different products widely available for consumer and industrial use in Canada.

The weed killer is used in 140 different products and applied on everything from wheat crops to golf courses to lawns.


Agriculture and conservation groups say Canada can and must do more to protect the country's wetlands in agricultural landscapes.

The groups include the Canadian Fertilizer Institute, CropLife Canada, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Soil Conservation Council of Canada.

They say wetland loss has sped up dramatically in response to increased commodity prices and land values.

Ducks Unlimited says wetlands provide a first and last line of defence against unintended runoff of agricultural inputs as well as a sink for greenhouse gasses.  



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