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More Canadian Beef in Taiwan

By Manny Paiva

Canada and Taiwan sign arrangement to expand market access for Canadian beef.

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There's a new agreement that allows more Canadian beef into the lucrative Taiwanese market.

Canada and Taiwan have signed an arrangement to expand market access to include Canadian bone-in beef and other specified beef products from animals under 30 months of age.

The federal government says the arrangement will level the playing field for Canadian beef producers and generate more export opportunities.


The results of the DuPont Pioneer Corn Yield Challenge are in.

The Ontario winner was Judge Family Farms of Simcoe, with a remarkable yield of 327 bushels per acre.

This is the third year in a row for the same family to take the Ontario crown.


And it looks like a strike has been averted at C-N Rail.

The railway and the Teamsters union have reached a tentative three-year deal covering three-thousand yard workers, conductors and other workers.

That averts a potential strike that could have started early Saturday.

The Saskatchewan Agriculture Department calculated a grain backlog caused by a rail car bottleneck could result in financial damages in the billions of dollars to farmers.



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