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Focus on Agriculture Agreements

By Manny Paiva

Cattlemen support Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, Minister discusses more trade issues.

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The Canadian Cattlemen's Association supports the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

It was recently announced by the federal government.

Spokesperson John Masswohl told a crowd in Huron County that what they've seen so far looks very encouraging, but there are still details to be worked out.

Masswohl says there are still some technical obstacles to be overcome including how the animals are processed and turned into beef.

He also says it appears the process in Europe is aimed at keeping Canadian beef out.


Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says science should rule when it comes to laws about food.

Ritz made the statement at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture in Berlin.

Ritz encouraged countries to attend a meeting held by the United Nations to raise awareness of the impacts of certain regulations on trade.

Ritz also held bilateral meetings with other countries to to raise market access issues of interest to Canadian farmers.


The president and lead analyst with ProFarmer Canada says farmers should be prepared for a lengthy period of lower prices.

Mike Jubinville says last year's record sized crop and challenges with moving that crop to market have put significant pressure on grain prices.

He doesn't anticipate stronger prices any time soon.

Jubinville says until a good portion of that inventory is sold, farmers will be stuck with large amount of unpriced grain.


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