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Bruce County Producer on National Board

By Manny Paiva

Cindy Whytock of Teeswater is Vice President of Canwest DHI.

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A milk producer from Bruce County has been re-elected as Vice President of Canwest DHI.

Cindy Whytock of Teeswater is on her seventh term with the board.

CanWest DHI is an agency responsible for milk recording services in five provinces.


There is a concern about a virus that is sweeping through the United States, killing millions of young pigs.

The disease has not been found in Canada -- but producers worry it could quickly ravage hog farms here if the pathogen makes it across the border.

The Canadian Swine Health Board says more needs to be done to keep the highly contagious virus out of Canada and to prepare for a potential outbreak.

The Canadian Pork Council estimates that producers export about 4 million live young pigs to the U-S each year.


American farmers are a little less optimistic about the overall state of the agriculture industry than they were a year ago.

That's based on the December report for the Progressive Farmer Agriculture and Agribusiness Confidence Index.

The composite index came in at 105.5 -- down from 109 point one a year ago.

One hundred is considered neutral -- anything above that is positive, below is considered negative.

Analysts blame the ratings slip on increased crop production input costs and lower farm incomes.


Viterra has announced it is giving five million dollars to enhance wheat research and breeding at the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan.

The five year agreement will focus on the development of wheat and durum varieties with enhanced yield and improved resistance to disease.



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