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Country 105

Agriculture Report

Elmwood Farmer in Competition

By Manny Paiva

Fred Hopkins and 5 year old cow nominated in All American Brown Swiss contest.

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There is one local cattle producer nominated for the All American Brown Swiss cattle competition.

Fred Hopkins of Elmwood is the proud breeder and owner of Elmcrest Cartoon Lacey.

This 5 year old cow was selected in the annual competition, open to North American livestock producers.


Animal production is being credited for an increase in the Canadian Farm Input Price Index.

It went up a tenth of a point from the second quarter to the third quarter of 2013.

Stats Canada reports the animal production part of the index went up the most -- at 1.8 per cent.

The crop production index posted the biggest quarterly drop -- falling two per cent.

Year over year -- Canadian farm inputs went up 0.4 per cent.


The chair of the Outlook Board for the United States Department of Agriculture says there could be record soybean production this year.

Gerry Bange says his department's latest forecasts boosted production expectations for both the U-S and Brazil.

The figures suggest both countries are running neck-and-neck in soybean production.

The U-S-D-A is now predicting a record 286.8 million tonnes of soybeans will be produced globally this year.


And grape growers of Ontario are raising a glass to toast the record grape harvest and celebrate this winter's Icewine harvest.

The harvest was nearly 80-thousand tonnes of grapes, valued at 99.7 million dollars.

These grapes will produce enough wine to create the equivalent of 11-hundred and 34 Olympic ice rink surfaces.


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