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Beef Producers Prepare to Meet

By Manny Paiva

January is a big month for meetings for beef producers in our region.

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January is a big month for meetings for beef producers.

In Bruce County, beef producers are scheduled to meet today at 11 this morning at the Tara legion.

Huron County beef producers will meet January 15th in Brussels.

Grey County beef producers will meet January 20th in Markdale.

Also of note, the annual meeting for the Dairy Farmers of Ontario will be held Tuesday to Thursday of this week in Toronto.


If you bought your fertilizer early, you likely saved some money.

Fertilizer prices have rebounded in the last few weeks, so the savings are over.

But Keystone Agricultural President Doug Chorney says he bought all his fertilizer last month -- and it was considerably cheaper than last year.


The group the Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board says its appeal of a judge's ruling against its lawsuit will seek to have all the suit's claims reinstated.

The group's chair, Stewart Wells, says they still want compensation from the government for the assets that farmers paid for at the wheat board.

In November, a Federal Court justice struck down parts of the lawsuit that alleged expropriation and interference with economic relations.


And Wal-Mart may take legal action after D-N-A testing showed traces of fox meat in the donkey meat it sold in China.

The company said last week that it withdrew all products from the supplier.

Donkey meat is considered a popular delicacy in parts of China.




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