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Grey County Shines in Crop Challenge

By Manny Paiva

Three of the top four finishers were from Grey County.

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It's common knowledge that consumers are more interested than ever in where their food comes from.

And the advocacy group, Farm and Food Care Ontario, wants to take advantage of that.

Executive Director Crystal MacKay says farmers should be communicating a positive message to the public any chance they get.

MacKay says consumers need to know Ontario farm products and farm practices are among the best in the world.


The annual Canola Crop Challenge is over -- and Grey County was well represented.

Grey County took 3 of the top 4 spots.

Joe Gordon of Markdale finished second while Don Curry of Owen Sound placed third and Jon Wiley of Meaford was fourth.

The winner was James Parsons of the Nipissing District.


Citing a potential threat to public health, the U-S Food and Drug Administration is moving to phase out the widespread use of antibiotics in animals processed for meat.

Many cattle, hog and poultry producers give their animals antibiotics regularly to ensure that the animals are healthy and to facilitate the production process.

Now, the agency says it will ask pharmaceutical companies to stop labelling drugs important for treating human infection as acceptable for use in animal production.

If the companies sign on, prescriptions would be required to use the drugs for animal illnesses.




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