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Larger Market for Organic Food

By Manny Paiva

Canada Organic Trade Association says market for organic food has tripled in size since 2006.

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The Canada Organic Trade Association says the market for organic food has tripled in size since 2006.

The trade group now says it's worth 3 and a half billion dollars a year.

Canada is now considered the fourth strongest organic market in the world.

The group also says 58 per cent of Canadians put at least one organic item in their shopping carts each week.


About 15-thousand seasonal workers were employed in Ontario this year.

The stats come from the Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Services.

The group runs the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program for Ontario's fruit and vegetable industry.

It estimates that two jobs for Canadians are created in the agrifood industry for every seasonal farm worker.


New national guidelines for the care and handling of pigs may be released in the Spring.

The chair of a committee developing the new code of practice says an agreement has been reached on a substantial part of the document.

Florian Possberg says one more meeting in January should complete negotiations.

The rules are to address issues such as sow housing, euthanasia and feed and water.


Grain in Western Canada is being exported at a faster pace.

The Canadian Grain Commission says exports are higher than this time last year and surpass the five year average.

This crop year, 5.1 million tonnes of wheat have been shipped out of the country compared to the average 3.9 million.

Canola exports have totalled 2.3 million tonnes -- that is 28 per cent higher than the average.



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