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Funding for Grain Growers Canada

By Manny Paiva

Feds announce $100,000 for Grain Growers of Canada, new President NFU elected.

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The federal government has announced more money to help the country's grain industry.

100 thousand dollars is going to the Grain Growers of Canada, so it can develop new markets around the globe.

The group says it will also use the funding to educate foreign industry about Canada's high quality grain.

Canada is the third-largest wheat exporter in the world -- and produces four per cent of the world's wheat supply.


The National Farmers Union has a new president.

Jan Slomp of Alberta won the job at the group's annual convention.

Joan Brady of Dashwood takes over the role as Women's President.

The union was founded in 1969 as a family farm organization.


A Canadian researcher has come up with a system he thinks can salvage fusarium infected wheat.

And he's looking for some farmers with a fusarium problem so he can test it out.

Physicist David Prystupa's project has the financial support of the Agricultural Adaptation Council of Ontario as well as similar organizations in Western Canada.

He's built a trailer-mounted pilot scale machine which can efficiently sort out any fusarium Damaged Kernels in harvested wheat.


If you haven't gotten pecans for the holidays, you had best get cracking.

Heavy rains earlier this year have put a big dent in South Carolina's pecan crop, and, as demand increases -- prices for the prized holiday nuts are likely to rise.


And a new contest has been started for dairy producers, and it has the support of the Ontario Forage Council and the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association.

The winner will be crowned Milk Maker Forage Champion.

The competition is open to all forage grown for dairy production and will include classes for hay, haylage, baleage and corn silage.

The prize for first-place in each class is 500 dollars.

Winners from each class will be displayed at the Canadian Dairy Xpo in Stratford next February.



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