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GFO Members Urged to Speak Up

By Manny Paiva

Grain Farmers of Ontario want members to comment on neo-nic seed treatment.

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The Pest Management Review Agency looking into the use of neo-nics has received thousands of submissions -- calling for the banning of the seeds.

Neo-nics are being reviewed because of their possible link to bee deaths.

The Grain Farmers of Ontario is calling for members to get their voices heard on the issue.

C-E-O Barry Senft believes many of the submissions opposing neo-nics have been prompted by the Sierra Club campaign against the treatments.

That is why Senft wants G-F-O members to submit their comments.


The National Sunflower Association of Canada says sunflower acres could rebound in 2014.

Director Aaron Elskamp says the quality of the 2013 crop was good and the yields were exceptional.

As he prepares his crop budgets for 2014, Elskamp says it's looking like both confectionary and oil sunflowers will be among his top-earners.


Canada's dairy farmers are being celebrated for their contributions to the industry in the 2014 edition of the Milk Calendar with recipes straight from their families.

13 favourite dishes from farmers across the country are featured in the monthly pages of the calendar.

A Dairy Farmers of Canada committee whittled down the huge number of submissions from farmers -- selecting easy, family-friendly and nutritious recipes.

They were then tested by professional home economist Jennifer MacKenzie, who made sure the 13 finalists contained a milk serving and were lower in sodium and with a moderate fat content.



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