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Country 105

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Canadians Living On The Farm

By Manny Paiva

One in 50 Canadians live on farms, large royalty for organic products.

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There is a better picture of the socio-economic overview of Canada's farm population.

Stats Canada looked at the 2011 census data and found one in 50 Canadians live on farms.

Ontario has the largest farm population at nearly 175 thousand.

That is almost 30 per cent of the national total.

The median age of farm operators of Canada in 2011 was 54 years.


It appears consumers of products from the Organic Meadow Co-operative are very loyal.

A brand marketing study for the co-op found 62 per cent of consumers would change supermarkets if they could not find the co-op's milk.

The new co-op board has been announced.

The members include Gerald Poechman of Walkerton and Dundalk dairy farmer Paul deJong.


Mustard 21 Canada is getting 4.9 million dollars from the federal government.

The group will use the money for research and development that will help producers increase their competitiveness and profitability.

Some of that research will also look at new and higher yielding varieties of mustard -- both for condiment and industrial mustard.


And the wild turkey has completed its comeback in Michigan, but not all are thrilled with the development.

Farmers say the birds eat wheat and pull corn out of the ground soon after the crops begin to sprout -- and they also like to make nests in farms' hay fields.

Wild turkeys also have become a traffic hazard.



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