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Farm Impact on Economy

By Manny Paiva

Premier wants to expand domestic food market, while NFU lays blame for Heinz closure.

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Ontario's Premier believes the potential is there for the agri food sector to grow locally.

Kathleen Wynne says she wants to expand the domestic market by replacing some of the 20 billion dollars in agrifood products Ontario imported last year.

Wynne also told delegates at the annual convention for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture when the agrifood sector thrives, the entire province thrives


The National Farmers Union blames the federal government for the closure of the Heinz ketchup plant in Leamington.

The group says the news is a direct result of the federal policy to expand agri-food exports at the expense of Canadian food sovereignty.

The NFU says free trade deals make it easier for processors to pick up and move -- throwing 800 people out of work.

Farmers also will lose a market for their tomatoes and other vegetables.


Scotiabank's Commodity Price report suggests the European Free Trade Deal will be a boost for the beef and pork sector.

The bank's agriculture index dropped 3 and a half per cent from August to September.

That is down almost 13 per cent from September of 2012.

The bank says barley prices led the decline.


The Grey County Holstein Club is holding its annual general meeting at Woodbridge Holsteins, the farm of Kevin Klages, just outside of Neustadt.

It will begin at 11 AM on Wednesday.

The meeting will follow a lunch.

For more information, call Heather at 376-5996.


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