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Goat Producers Shine at Royal Winter Fair

By Manny Paiva

Prime Minister speaks about EU free trade deal, goat producers place at Royal Winter Fair.

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Our Prime Minister is still touting the benefits of the new free trade agreement with the European Union.

But Stephen Harper acknowledges Canada's dairy products sector -- particularly cheese -- will likely to feel an impact from higher competition.

But Harper says any negative impact of the deal on Canadian industries would be "small and transitionary."

Harper says the dairy industry will be eligible for transitional assistance.

Harper adds few "really obvious losers'' have been identified and that "support for the agreement is virtually unanimous.''


The Royal Winter Fair has come to an end and local goat producers did well.

Bonni Franken of Teeswater had a successful day in the Recorded classes, winning the Breeders herd class, Premier Breeder and Exhibitor banners.

Franken also showed the Grand Champion doe, who claimed the best udder award.

Franken also won the Challenge Trophy for the Top Saneen animal.

Winning the special goat Futurity was Lynn Lightbody of Priceville -- who placed 1st and 4th with her entries.

Silver Crown Farm of Badjeros showed the Junior Champion of the Recorded show.

Jane Loughheed also of Badjeros was second.
In the Nubian breed classes, Greg and Darlene Elchuk of Markdale won the Junior Champion trophies.


Rodeo officials are defending calf roping events after an animal was euthanized at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton.

Officials confirmed a calf was injured during a roping event on Friday and was put down.

The executive director of Voice for Animals says calf roping events were always a concern and don't represent any activities that take place on everyday ranches.

Canadian Professional Rodeo spokesperosn Kynn Vine disputes that, and says everyone works closely to make sure animals are treated humanely.


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