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Caring About Treatment of Animals

By Manny Paiva

Poll indicates Canadians want new labels to see how animals are raised.

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A majority of Canadians want to know how farm animals are raised.

The Environics Research Group conducted a poll and it found 82 per cent of people want to see clearer labels on meat and dairy products indicating how animals are raised.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is currently working on a new Food Labelling policy to address weaknesses in the current food labelling framework.

The Humane Society of Canada says the poll shows people care about how farm animals are treated and want to improve animal welfare.


The National Farm Animal Care Council is working on a new code of practice for laying hens.

The current code is 10 years old.

It is being reviewed by a panel including farmers, animal rights reps and veterinarians.

General Manager Jackie Wepruk says they want to create practical guidelines that also meet the expectations of society.


There's a prediction canola will be seeded to a record number of acres next spring.

FarmLink Marketing Solutions is estimating that more than 22 million acres of canola will be seeded -- up from just under 20 million this year.

Spring wheat acres are forecast to take a hit.

Soybean and corn areas are projected to continue their expansion in Manitoba.


Good news for grain producers in Western Canada.

A tentative agreement has been signed between the Teamsters Canada and C-N Rail -- meaning grain will continue to flow on C-N lines.

More than three thousand C-N employees have been without a collective agreement since July.

The agreement still needs to be ratified by the workers.

Both C-N and C-P Rail are already only meeting about half the demand for rail cars this fall.



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