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Ag Minister Attacked Over Outbreak

By Dan McLean

So far, 15 people have become ill from eating tainted beef

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The Opposition again went on the attack against Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz over the E-coli outbreak.

N-D-P leader Thomas Mulcair accused Ritz of leaving the cattle industry in the lurch after the closure of the X-L Foods plant by federal officials.

Ritz maintains he is letting the Canadian Food Inspection Agency do its job.

So far, 15 people have become ill from eating tainted beef.

The Cargill plant in Alberta meantime has been operating 6 days per week since the X-L Foods plant closed.

Cargill says it is handling up to 45-hundred cattle per day.


Apples in Meaford are somewhat better than expected.

After hot temperatures in the spring followed by a hard frost, many farmers estimated their apple crops would be down 90 per cent.

But Grower Dave Lambe says a few apples survived fairly well.

He tells us Grandma Lambe's and other of local markets are buying up the apples that are available.



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