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X-L Foods Workers Laid Off

By Dan McLean

X-L Foods scales back layoffs to allow CFIA to continue inspection.

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There will be limited processing at the X-L beef plant in Alberta.

X-L Foods announced late yesterday that 800 workers would be recalled to the plant to help the CFIA finish its job.

The company initially a layoff of two thousand workers on Saturday.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency had said they had nothing to inspect without the workers handling the beef.


The U-S Department of Agriculture is coming to Canada to audit the Food Inspection Agency and the X-L Foods plant.

It's the first time that's happened in three years.

The C-F-I-A says the audit has been planned for months and was not prompted by the massive beef E. coli recall.


The federal government is investing in a Calgary company that's working on turning exhaust from natural gas engines into algae feedstock.

The investment of more than 820-thousand dollars will help fund further research at S-F-N Biosystems.


Police have seized dozens of barrels of maple syrup during a raid at a warehouse near Quebec City.

The search is believed to be connected to a recent theft from the syrup stockpiles in a Quebec warehouse.

That warehouse held more than 4 and half million kilograms of maple syrup -- although the exact amount of the theft was never disclosed.


American farmers are harvesting whatever soybeans and corn they can.

The U-S-D-A says more than 15 per cent of the corn has been harvested.

22 per cent of the corn crop is rated good to excellent while 32 per cent of the U-S soybean crop is rated good to excellent. 



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