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CFIA Returns to X-L Food's

By Dan McLean

CFIA will determine whether X-L Foods plant has addressed issues since E. coli recall.

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Staff from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be back at the Alberta processing plant at the heart of a massive tainted beef recall.

Officials will determine whether the X-L Foods plant has addressed all the issues raised by inspectors since E. coli was first detected.

They include maintenance and sanitation issues as well as the management of E.coli risk.


The number of illnesses linked to beef products from X-L Foods stands at 11 people from four provinces.

The latest case was confirmed yesterday in B-C.

The C-F-I-A says the plant exported to over 20 countries and products from all of them are on their way back.

Officials in the U-S say the amount of recalled beef imported from the X-L plant is at least 1.1 million kilograms.

Anyone who is planning on applying for new funding through the Grassland Habitat Farm Incentive program will need to complete an Environmental Farm Plan.

There is another workshop tomorrow in Walkerton.

The deadline for funding applications is Friday.

For more information on the workshop -- contact Jayne at 367-5930


The world record for the most combines harvesting at one time is on its way back to Canada.

Harvest-4-Kids says there were 249 combines lined up side-by-side on a field north of Saskatoon on Saturday afternoon.

Ireland held the previous record with 208 combines -- which beat an old record of 200 that was set in Manitoba in 2010.



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