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Time to Donate to Food Banks

By Dan McLean

Food Banks Canada says demand is up so feds encourage you to donate.

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The Harper government is encouraging you to donate to Canada's 500 rural food banks.

Food Banks Canada says demand is up -- partly because of the soft economy.

It is also more challenging for rural food banks to obtain donations because of their remote locations and their distance from food product manufacturers.

The Turkey Farmers of Canada has donated 50 thousand dollars to help rural food banks.


The Opposition parties are taking the Harper Conservatives to task about concerns over the safety of Canada's meat supply.

At the heart of the issue is the recall of beef products from the X-L Food plant in Brooks, Alberta.

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae is demanding to know why it took more than two weeks for Canadians to be notified about the risks.


A new pilot project is being developed in Bruce and Grey Counties where farmers can help the environment and be paid for it.

It's called the Alternate Land Use Services program.

Ray Robertson -- the President of Grey County Agriculture Services -- says it began seven years ago where tobacco land was reclaimed in Norfolk County.

Under the program -- Robertson says the farmers give up the acreage for the good of all and are compensated for the land with an annual payment.

Two Grey County sites have already been chosen.

Two Bruce County sites will be chosen this month.



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