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Beef Recall Expanded to USA


U-S Department of Agriculture says X-L Foods operation was decertified September 13th


There is another free Environmental Farm Plan workshop.

It takes place tomorrow and there are several spaces available.

If you complete a farm plan -- you will be able to access provincial funding to complete different environmental projects for your farm.

For the location, you must register first by calling Jayne at 519-367-5930.


X-L Foods has been tied to another case of suspected E. coli in beef.

This time, it's been confirmed four people contracted E. coli earlier this month after eating steaks purchased from an Edmonton Costco store.

Officials aren't sure if the bacteria was on the steaks when the meat was shipped to the store from X-L Foods or whether a metal tenderizer machine used in the store pushed E. coli into the steaks.

The X-L Foods plant is also involved in an extensive recall of ground beef.


That same Alberta plant is banned from exporting beef to the United States.

The U-S Department of Agriculture says the X-L Foods operation was decertified September 13th.

That's three days before the Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued the first of several product recall notices.

Federal Agriculture Gerry Ritz feels the ongoing recall of ground beef products won't hurt Canada's food safety reputation with consumers.

Ritz says both the company and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have done a great job on the beef recall.


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