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Beef Recall Expanded Again


Includes unlabeled ground beef products sold between August 24th and September 16th.


A recall of ground beef from X-L Foods has been expanded yet again.

The recall is due to possible E. coli contamination -- and it now includes unlabeled ground beef products sold between August 24th through September 16th.

Those products could have been sold at smaller stores, local meat markets and butcher shops.

It already includes beef sold by Sobeys, Foodland, I-G-A, Costco and Douglas Meats.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says if you are unsure if you have ground beef that's affected by a recall -- simply throw it out.


Over 100 chefs are stirring pots for a protest next month to protect farmland near Shelburne.

The chefs have volunteered to create original soups for Soupstock, which is meant to raise awareness about a proposed limestone quarry in the Township of Melancthon.

Protest organizers say the quarry would destroy farmland and would affect water supplies downstream.

Highland Companies is proposing the quarry and has said the site was selected so that aggregate operations could be conducted in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner.


Quite a scene in Cookstown -- where Police had to close down Highway 400 at 89 on Sunday morning after reports of a bull running loose nearby.

It had apparently escaped from the Cookstown Stock Yard and South Simcoe Police feared the bull may wander into live lanes and run into an oncoming vehicle.

They were able to corral the bull -- but the animal was put down in order to keep it from causing a serious collision.


Growers of Rocky Ford cantaloupes in Colorado are going on the offensive to restore the fruit's reputation.

You may remember a year ago when melons from one of the area's farms caused a listeria outbreak.

The farmers have overhauled their production practices -- which include paying seasonal pickers by the hour rather than by the amount of cantaloupes picked.

They've also built a new central packing shed where melons are washed with soap and a chlorine oxide, then rinsed with well water tested for contamination.



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