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99th Annual IPM Starts Tomorrow


As many as 150 thousand people are expected to attend the 5 day event.


They are getting ready for the International Plowing Match in Waterloo Region.

The 99th annual I-P-M begins tomorrow in Roseville.

As many as 150 thousand people are expected to attend the 5 day event.


Agriculture ministers from across the country have signed a new five year agreement that includes plans for innovation and market development.

The Growing Forward 2 plan also has a 50 per cent increase in cost-sharing initiatives from the federal government.

But Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart says he signed the agreement reluctantly because of its changes to the Agri-Invest program.

The program allows producers to invest  1 and a half per cent of their net sales and receive matching government funds to mitigate their risks.

But the new program will reduce that to one per cent.


Olds College in Alberta is offering a one thousand dollar reward to help find whoever is responsible for releasing stallions into a common area.

The horses fought -- and one died while the other was injured.


Manitoba's third largest hog producer has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Puratone Corporation has about 40 barns -- mostly in eastern Manitoba -- producing about 500 thousand hogs a year.

The company says challenging market conditions -- such as high feed prices -- has forced it into a situation where it has to be restructured.



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