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Canada's Outdoor Farm Show Ends


Event includes field demos and five different robotic milk set-ups


Canada's Outdoor Farm Show wraps up today in Woodstock.

This is the 19th year for the show -- and this year's event includes field demos and five different robotic milk set-ups.


Big Sky Farms -- the second largest hog producer in Canada -- is filing for bankruptcy.

Big Sky C-E-O Casey Smit says the pork industry has been facing some hard times due to a major drought in the United States.

And He says that has impacted feed costs, putting them at record highs.

Smit notes feed traditionally has cost about 75 dollars per hog -- and now that's reached 120 dollars.

The situation has caused producers to ship hogs early and that has flooded the market.

And the Saskatchewan based company claims it's losing money at a rate of between 40 dollars and 50 dollars per hog.


There's a 500 dollar reward for the return of a black and white cow that was taken from the fairgounds in Russell.

Daisy is not a real cow -- but a Fiberglas training bovine.

The 55 kilogram cow is used to teach children how to milk cows.


The Agriculture Workers Alliance says the death of a migrant worker in an accident on an eastern Ontario farm on Monday is the 13th in the province this year.

The Ministry of Labour is investigating the death of the 38 year old Mexican worker who was fatally injured at an orchard operation in Prince Edward County.

The worker was attaching a water tank to a tractor when the accident occurred.

The United Food and Commercial Workers of Canada says it's been a devastating year on Ontario farms.

President Wayne Hanley is calling for the federal or provincial governments to protect migrant workers.


The U-S Department of Agriculture slightly has lowered its forecast for the nation's drought damaged corn crop.

The yield per acre estimate this month dropped from 123 bushels last month to 122.8 bushels.

Farmers planted more corn this year than in any other since 1937.

So despite one of the nation's worst droughts in decades -- the U-S is expected to produce its eighth largest corn crop on record.

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