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Saftey Reminder For Harvest


A reminder for farmers to be safe during this harvest period.


A reminder for farmers to be safe during this harvest period.

Farm Safety Co-ordinator Kenda Lubeck says it's important to plan for safety.

She also wants motorists to be aware of farm vehicles on the roads -- and to be extra cautious behind the wheel.

The price of soybeans climbed last week after China bought more of the protein-rich beans to feed its growing population.

China is buying U-S soybeans at a rate of about 5 million metric tonnes per month.

But global soybean supplies were critically low before the devastating drought hit crops in the Midwest.

One analyst says if China's buying pace continues at this rate, the soybean supply in the U-S could be depleted by February.


The B-MO Financial Group has announced a program to help its farm customers who are dealing with drought in Canada and the U-S.

The bank notes Ontario farmers have faced close to record low levels of precipitation that have reduced yields and limited livestock feed availability.

Under the B-MO program, farmers can apply for working capital or defer loan payments.


Word out of Russia could be a needed boost for North America's wheat export opportunities.

The Grain Farmers of Ontario says Russia's cuts in its export program could help counter the problems North American wheat exporters have been dealing with -- now that the dollar is a lot stronger.

Corn and soybean prices are up again.

And Ontario soybean harvesting could begin as early this week.


A bee specialist who's working at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum is working on a way to get each species of bees matched up with the plants they like to pollinate.

Cory Sheffield is using a special digital imaging apparatus to catalogue the over 200 bee species in Saskatchewan.

Sheffield says there are 800 varieties of bees across Canada.



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