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Don't Worry About Food Prices -- Yet


One economics professor thinks we should not worry about high food prices.


There is at least one economics professor who thinks we should not worry about high food prices.

Sylvain Charlebois from the University of Guelph suggests the cost of food will not jump as high as others have suggested.

He tells Bayshore Broadcasting News any increase will not happen for quite some time.

Charlebois says food distributors will be compelled to grow more food to make more money because of the sluggish economy.

He also feels Canadian farmers should be taking advantage of the high prices being offered for corn, wheat, and other food commodities.


The seeded area of flax in Canada has increased more than 50 per cent compared to last year.

Agriculture Canada says the big increase will have only a small impact on prices.

Stats Canada data indicates producers -- mainly in Saskatchewan -- could harvest 530 thousand tonnes this year.

That would be 43 per cent more than last year.

Prices are forecast to range from 500 to 540 dollars per tonne -- compared to 525 dollars per tonne last year.


Public health officials in the United States are reporting more human cases of swine flu.

Officials from the U-S Centers for Disease Control say an additional 52 cases have been spotted -- bringing the count since July to 276 human infections.

They include three infections where the virus likely passed from person to person.

So far no infections with this particular virus have been seen outside the U-S.


A heat wave in Italy is accelerating this year's grape harvest -- and that's good news for anyone who likes Italian wines.

While yields may be lower, the scorching heat has produced sweeter fruit.

One grower says the weather conditions favour an excellent quality for both white and red.

The downside is that the lower yields will likely drive prices higher.



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