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Corn Prices Affecting Pig Industry


Pork Council warns farmers will either have to increase debt to feed pigs, or lose farms


There's a dire warning about the Canadian pork industry. 

Jean Guy Vincent is the Chair of the Canadian Pork Council -- and he says corn is becoming too expensive for producers to raise pigs.

Vincent wants governments should ease rules that require the energy industry to blend corn-based ethanol into gasoline.

He says Canadian producers are facing the decision of whether to lose their farms or increase their debt to pay the cost of feeding their animals.


A teenager is in a London hospital after being seriously injured while operating some farm equipment in South Huron.

It happened at a property on the Blackbush Line after a 16 year old boy was trapped under a farm tractor on Tuesday.

The OPP say the operator had been cutting weeds and grass before the tractor descended 20-feet into a ravine.


There's a proposal to scale back the maximum payment under federal farm support programs.

The National Farmers Union says it should be 300 thousand dollars.

The limit is currently three million.

President Terry Boehm says lowering the limit would ensure the money gets to family farms -- and not big corporate farms.



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