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Strong Grain Prices Expected


US drought means good news for Canadian grain growers


Grain prices are expected to remain strong this fall and winter due to the summer drought in the U-S.

Market analyst Neil Townsend says canola prices should reach over 600 dollars a tonne.

Townsend also expects wheat prices to hover around 9 or 10 dollars a bushel.


There's high hopes as the harvest gets underway in Alberta.

Swathing of the spring wheat, durham, barley and oats is already underway in the south -- and canola has just gotten started.

The Alberta Agriculture Ministry expects bumper crops in most areas thanks to the rain and heat this season.


A company in Regina -- that makes a technology that warns farmers before any grain is about to spoil in their bins -- says business is booming.

Intra Grain Technologies introduced the new bin-sense sensor which allows farmers to monitor their bins from their computer or smart-phone.

The product was launched in June.

President Kyle Folk says business has been strong with sales across Western Canada.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is monitoring the recall of a brand of lettuce imported from the U-S.

Tanimura and Antle brand romaine lettuce is being recalled by Canadian distributors due to possible E.coli contamination.

The lettuce was sold across most of Canada from August 8th to the 17th.

There have been no reports of illness have been linked to the product.


There's a mystery in western Manitoba over what's been killing bertha armyworms.

There have been several reports of high numbers of bertha armyworms being found dead on the upper parts of plants.

Farmers are now sending samples for testing.



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