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Task Force Looks at Canadian Pork


Pork Council worried about losses due to rising corn futures and dropping feeder prices


Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has granted a request from the Canadian Pork Council for a task force on the state of Canada's hog industry.

Member Rick Bergmann was part of a delegation that met with Ritz last week.

He says the task force will provide a direct link of communication with government -- and will help determine how to deal with projected losses.

Hog producers are facing a double-whammy of high corn futures and dropping feeder prices.


Residents of the Hanover area will try to forget their troubles this weekend and celebrate agriculture.

The 148th annual Hanover Bentinck Brant Fair begins tonight at Hanover Raceway.

Most in the area are wondering if the raceway will stay open as the province looks to end the Slots at Racetracks program.

General Manager Gord Dougan says they want to host the fair for another 148 years.

The Fall Fair includes a number of farming exhibits that focus on livestock, sheep and horses -- as well as craft exhibits.

There's also games and a midway and a concert tonight featuring Elvis impersonator Peter Irwin.


We told you yesterday about the rats found at a landfill in Alberta.

Well there are more than expected -- officials now say 53 Norway rats have been killed -- that number is up from the 19 reported yesterday.

Bylaw officers who usually relocate bull snakes found in the city will now take the reptiles to the landfill in the hopes that they will eat the rats.




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