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Optimistic Outlook on Crops


Ag Canada sees positive news for grain prices and crop production this year


Some positive news for farmers today.

Agriculture Canada has released an optimistic report on grain prices and crop production this year.

Spokesperson Fred Oleson sees expanded wheat and canola production with prices for both crops up about 10 per cent from last year.

He adds the outlook for pulse and special crops is also positive.

Oleson expects rising pea and lentil exports to China and India in the coming year.


Farm Credit Canada reports the drought in the U-S is creating both opportunities for Canadian farmers.

Economist Jean-Phillippe Gervais notes corn and soybean prices have spiked.

He also reports common crop substitutes like canola and wheat should benefit.

Gervais understands the costs for feed are escalating -- but he believes livestock producers will likely see cattle prices rebound.

He expects U-S ranchers will have to reduce their herd sizes due to the drought.


Farmers in southern Manitoba expect to cash in on their corn this season.

Jason Kehler says good rain in May and July means he'll get up to 130 bushels of corn an acre this year -- the average is 110.

And spiking corn prices due to the U-S drought also means he'll be selling his crop at a higher price.

He's now banking on eight dollars a cob.


Our federal government is providing a financial boost for some new potato research projects.

More than 250 thousand dollars has been announced for the Potato Research Centre in Fredericton.

The money will be used to help prevent the spread of potato viruses -- and to develop a national potato strategy.


And Alberta's status as a rat-free province may be in doubt after 19 Norway rats were found dead last week at a landfill in Medicine Hat.

The Agriculture ministry is worried there could be more.

Alberta prides itself as being rat-free -- and has seen only isolated cases of the rodents since the 1950s.




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